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American Rescue

The American Rescue documentary provides a platform to bring awareness of the homeless crisis and specifically the role of mental illness to people across the country. We are currently looking for partners to come along side of us to help fund the documentary.

Help make an impact on homelessness in our country by funding a documentary which highlights the root causes of homelessness and the innovative and effective solutions to solve this man-made-epidemic .

Harley Davidson Motorcycles are an American institution and while not everyone enjoys the ride, they unite us as part of American culture. The Rescue Ride started as a group of 10 motorcyclist from the Winchester Rescue Mission who went from Virginia to Los Angeles staying at shelters to see the causes, effects and solutions to this crisis in our country. From small town to big city, the challenges and struggles with homelessness were evident. The motorcycle provided the transportation but more importantly provided a connection to people to begin conversations with individuals living on the streets and struggling to survive where were excited to see the bikes to those in mission programs transforming their lives to staff working everyday to help the most vulnerable to the leaders in the community seeking attainable solutions. The motorcycle is the connection.

The film will expose how mental illness is the leading cause of homelessness in our country. Using the motorcycle to open door to conversations to demonstrate the difference between mental health, which is 100% of something the population deals with, in contrast with mental illness which 18% of the population deals with. The documentary will further detail delve into the 4% of people who deal with severe mental illness that often end us homeless; unable to obtain necessary services

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